How we are different

01Healthy Food Options

Flexible healthy meals to go for you. Now healthy food is convenient to get with our regularly changing healthy food options. Also, pick your ingredients and create your own bagel.

02Meals To Go

Meals ready to take away at your convenience. We have multiple options ready for you, come and grab what you like. We have fresh sandwiches, salads, paninis, home-made pastries available everyday.

03Coffees From Different Regions

We have multiple coffee options available from different regions of the globe. We source our coffee responsibly to help coffee farming communities. Come and experience coffee flavours of world with us.

What Happens Here

Favourite Coffee flavours.


Enjoy best flavours of Tea and Coffees with us. We have hot brews, cold brews, detox and many flavours to choose from.

Coffee Grounds

You can experience the same quality of coffee at home by using the coffee grounds we sell. Not just that, we have got coffee mugs, coffee beans and much more for you.


Get healthy meals and snacks. We ensure that healthy options are always in our menu.


It is never a bad time to have some pastries. Come and enjoy our home made pastries.

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House made food options

You will find house made fresh food options everyday. So, no more compromises with the frozen food.